Summer vacation is fun for everyone, including your furry family members.

Whether staying at home or traveling with pets, keep these tips in mind to keep your pets safe from summer hazards.

Always provide pets with plenty of fresh water and shade when outdoors. Even short periods of time unprotected from the elements outside can lead to dehydration and heat stroke.

Never leave a pet in a hot car. Even on mild days the sun’s penetrating rays can cause temperatures inside a car to quickly reach life threatening highs.

Be sure your pets are always wearing their collars and identification tags. We also recommend microchipping.

Always keep pets off fertilized lawns until there has been a sufficient rainfall or the lawn has been well watered.

Many outdoor plants can be poisonous if ingested. Be aware of what is growing in your backyard.

Pets can get an upset stomach from eating any type of mulch, but cocoa mulch can be very dangerous. Always deter your pets from eating mulch.

Summer bugs annoy your pets too and can transmit diseases. Keep your pets on heartworm and flea prevention monthly.

Dogs and cats can get sunburned too. Pets with light or thin haircoats and those with lighter pigmented noses are most at risk. We recommend limiting exposure to full sun. Sunblock is available but may be difficult to keep on wet noses.

When traveling with your pets, it is helpful to always carry a copy of up to date vaccine records, just in case.

Have a great summer!