1) Stay on Schedule.
Whether you are traveling away from home and visiting family or you’re enjoying the holidays at home…..it’s ALWAYS a good idea to maintain a regular schedule for your pet. They appreciate knowing they will get fed when their tummies start rumbling at the regular time…

2) Stay with your pet’s normal foods.
Don’t feed your pet new or unusual foods. Keep them enjoying their regular food. With so much commotion, the less change for your pet the better. If you are traveling, pack your pet’s dry food as individual servings in baggies. Come dinner time, regardless of how busy, crazy the activity is…you can quickly feed your pet his regular diet by opening the baggie and serving it up for Fido! Quick…Easy…and everyone is happy!

3) Avoid human food!
While it might be tempting to slip Fido a piece of yummy turkey…or let him enjoy leftover side dishes like potatoes or stuffing or gravy…..DON’T do it! These foods are heavy in calories (for both people & pets), and they are rich and could upset your pet’s system & lead to gastrointestinal distress.

4) Feed Fido BEFORE your dinner!
If your pet’s mealtime is around the same time as your big holiday dinner…..feed him first. Then let him go take a nap in the bedroom while you enjoy your meal in peace. No begging from underneath the table that way!

5) THE BAD LIST of Foods to avoid for Fido.
Foods such as chocolate, raisins, macadamia nuts, & onions can be toxic for your pet. Some can even be fatal if ingested in large amounts by your pet.

6) Share the message.
While your friends and family might be well meaning in slipping a little extra food to your Fido, this is not a good idea. Advise your guests and family in advance that Fido is well fed, and does not need anything beyond his normal food!

7) No alcohol!
While this may seem a joke…it is not! Pets should NEVER be given alcohol. It is NOT funny to watch Fido weave and wobble around the holiday table…and even more importantly it is Dangerous for your pet! DO NOT allow anyone to influence YOUR pet with alcohol!

8) Visit a Vet!
If your pet has accidentally eaten or drunk something dangerous and is showing abnormal signs of distress….don’t take a chance. Take him to a Vet! It’s better to be safe than sorry…and there are always vets on duty around the holidays too! They are prepared for emergencies. http://www.dileyvet.com/Home_Page.html