March 24 2016 024Considering buying your pet products from an online pharmacy not ran by a veterinary hospital or in a pet store? Think twice before purchasing those products! At the end of this page is are links to the FDA website with more information.

Where do these companies get their product?
The manufacturers of Heartgard and Frontline for example, only sell their products to licensed veterinarians. These products are never sold to the online pharmacy companies. Due to this, the online companies obtain their products from the grey and black market- either from oversea sales or buying excess products.

Are these products safe?
While some animals have had products without any adverse side effects, it has been recommended by the FDA to not use them regardless! Due to the way these companies obtain the products, it is never guaranteed that what you buy is what you get. Some products look very similar, almost identical, to what is sold at veterinary hospitals, but is counterfeit. The manufacturers will not even recognize that what you buy from pet stores or online pharmacies as their product!

Some commercials claim that the product is guaranteed and is from a accredited online pharmacy. What does this mean?
This means that the product is only backed by the online company’s guarantee, NOT the manufacturers guarantee. The manufacturers ONLY guarantee their product if it is bought from a licensed veterinarian. This means, for example, if your dog has been on Heartgard monthly and it’s been purchased from a licensed veterinarian, the company will back it’s product and pay for treatment if your dog gets heartworms or intestinal parasites. This guarantee is voided if the product is bought from an online pharmacy!!! Again, the manufacturers will NOT recognize product bought on online pharmacies or at pet stores as their product!

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