Veterinarians and Animal Hospital for Reynoldsburg, OH

veterinarian and animal hospital for reynoldsburg, oh

We are your low-stress veterinarians for Reynoldsburg, OH, a Certified Cat Friendly practice offering complete preventative and medical care to dogs and cats throughout the community. Our animal hospital is dedicated to helping your pet live a long, healthy, comfortable life by your side by providing a full spectrum of services, including wellness care, dentistry, diagnostics, and nutritional support. We take pride in cultivating a welcoming environment for pets and people, a place that seeks to reduce anxiety and make your experiences with us as positive as possible.

Groveport Canal Animal Hospital is here to meet all your pet’s needs and support you in keeping them healthy for life. Call (614) 836-3222 or use the online form today to make an appointment with us!

Learn About Our Veterinary Services for Reynoldsburg, OH

Our veterinarians in Reynoldsburg take your pet’s care extremely seriously. We understand how important and cherished your pet is in your family, and we want them to be treated the way we treat our own pets!

Below are some of our core veterinary services for improving and maintaining your pet’s good health:

Why Our Animal Hospital for Reynoldsburg is Cat Friendly

Groveport Canal Animal Hospital is Certified Cat Friendly for several reasons. First, we love your feline family members just like we do our own. Second, cats do not see their vet as frequently as they should, which puts them more at risk for life-threatening health problems. Third, we simply believe that cats, just like dogs, deserve treatment that takes all their needs into account—not just their physical health, but their emotional health and well-being, as well. Making vet visits less stressful for your cat makes them more comfortable with being treated, which in turn helps them stay healthier, longer.

Give us a call at (614) 836-3222 or use the online form to book an appointment with our Reynoldsburg veterinarians today!