Mobile Vet in Groveport, OH

Mobile Vet in Groveport: If You Can’t Come to Us, We’ll Come to You

We understand that for some pet owners, bringing their loved one to our animal hospital simply isn’t possible. Whether it’s because your dog grows too anxious and agitated in the presence of other dogs, or you are simply physically unable to make the trip, we’re more than willing to accommodate you. All pets in need deserve the best care we can offer, be it at our animal hospital or within the comforts of their own home. All of our veterinarians perform mobile vet house calls on an as-needed basis for clients that are unable to come to us.

Services Our Mobile Vets Offer

Our veterinarians can perform a number of services at house call visits, including:

For more complex procedures that require extensive monitoring and more advanced equipment, your pet will need to be transferred to our animal hospital for treatment. In such cases, we can safely transport your pet to our facility where they’ll receive further care. While it’s not possible for us to bring all our equipment along for a house call, we’re more than able to perform routine examinations and preventative treatments to keep your loved one healthy and up-to-date.

What to Expect

In preparation of our visit to your home, make sure to have a designated, enclosed space available where we can treat your pet safely and without interruption. When requesting a veterinary house call, be sure to list clearly everything your pet needs so that we can bring along the appropriate items. We’ll call you as soon as we’re on our way to your home, so keep your phone nearby.

Mobile vet with a kitten at home

Scheduling A Mobile Vet Visit

To schedule a mobile vet visit, simply call us as you would to schedule any other appointment.
Our veterinarians can do house calls based on their schedule for the day, or after-hours for more urgent situations. We recommend calling as far in advance as possible to get the day and time that’s most convenient for you. If you’d like to request a mobile vet visit for your four-legged friend, call us at (614) 836-3222.