Animal Hospital and Veterinarians for Pickerington, OH Pets

veterinarian and dog at our pickerington, oh animal hospital

Everything we do at Groveport Canal Animal Hospital is dedicated to helping pets achieve the best quality of life possible. We have a very strong connection with the communities around us, offering the highest quality medicine to our patients and supporting a variety of animal welfare organizations in the area. Our veterinarians and staff lovingly serve the pets and pet owners of Pickerington, OH and beyond with complete care that evolves to meet the ever-changing needs of our patients. In addition, our animal hospital houses some of the best veterinary technology for diagnosing, treating, and healing.

The Veterinary Services We Offer for Pickerington, OH Pets

Our animal hospital for Pickerington, OH pets is invested in keeping your pet healthy and thoughtfully educating you about their lifelong needs. Like us, their health is multi-faceted and requires more than just regular checkups. Some of our most important veterinary services for pets include:

Our Cat Friendly Certified Pickerington, OH Animal Hospital

We love our feline patients, but we don’t see them very often compared to our canine patients. The simple truth is that cats do not see their veterinarian on a regular basis as they should, and part of the reason is due to the stress they experience when they are taken out of a familiar environment. Unfortunately as a result, many cats end up living with health issues that can drastically lower their quality of life. Our goal is to put your cat at ease each time they visit with the help of artificial pheromones, treats, and careful, low-stress handling that doesn’t make them feel overwhelmed.

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