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Groveport Canal Animal Hospital offers low-stress care for your companion animals, with a wide range of services to keep them healthy and happy for years to come. We are also a Certified Cat Friendly practice, delivering high-quality care to felines with regard for their unique needs and sensibilities. Our veterinarians for Grove City, OH provide wellness exams, vaccinations, dental care, surgery, diagnostics, and much more in a friendly environment that prioritizes your pet’s comfort. We understand that good veterinary medicine is not just about what we provide, but the manner in which we provide it. You can expect the most personable and compassionate treatment from our team!

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Explore Our Wide Range of Veterinary Services for Grove City, OH Pets

Our animal hospital offers services designed to meet all your pet’s needs, and then some. We think it’s important to offer a full spectrum of veterinary services under one roof for your convenience, and for the convenience of your pet! They will always be able to see the same team at the same hospital for their care.

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The Importance of Being a Cat Friendly Veterinarian in Grove City, OH

Being Certified Cat Friendly demonstrates our compassion for cats, and a desire to make sure all their health needs are met. Dogs see the vet much more frequently, but cats often fly under the radar and, at times, go untreated for underlying health issues. With cat-friendly care, Groveport Canal Animal Hospital is able to make vet visits a lot less stressful for felines, using pheromones, blankets, non-slip surfaces, and other techniques to increase their sense of well-being and security. This, in turn, gives cat owners the confidence to bring in their cats more regularly for important wellness exams and workups. When cats see their vet as frequently as they should, they can enjoy a healthier, longer life.

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