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Groveport Canal Animal Hospital near Carroll, OH offers all the care and services your pet needs in a friendly, low-stress environment. Our veterinarians and staff are dedicated to keeping your pet healthy for life by providing comprehensive wellness care, surgery, dental care, vaccinations, nutritional recommendations, and so much more. Additionally, our hospital is Certified Cat Friendly, which means your feline can experience a more calming visit that will make future vet appointments much easier for them! We always strive to make veterinary care comfortable and stress-free for the benefit of our patients and clients.

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Your pet’s health and well-being are so important to us, just as they are to you and your family. Our veterinary services encompass your pet’s essential needs, but we are also happy to offer general care for pocket pets and grooming to keep your companion as healthy on the outside as they are on the inside.

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The Importance of Being Cat Friendly

We’re proud to be a Certified Cat Friendly animal hospital in Carroll, OH, because we want our feline patients to enjoy long, healthy lives. Many cats do not see a vet until they are very sick, and we want to prevent these stressful and difficult experiences for people and their pets. Cats may be very different from dogs, but they need routine care just the same, along with thorough checkups that can alert our team to underlying illness.

At Groveport Canal Animal Hospital, we delight in seeing patients over the span of years and partnering with their owners to give them the best life possible.

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