The Ohio Department of Health has issued an order that, Veterinary practices are “essential businesses” and are part of the public health force for the State of Ohio. “Healthcare and Public Health Operations also include veterinary care and all healthcare services provided to animals.” Pet owners taking animals for treatment are also exempt from the “stay-at-home” orders.

We continue to provide care for our patients by implementing curbside services and telemedicine.  Please call us if your pet is sick, having changes in behavior, elimination, appetite, etc. Even if you are sick, quarantined, too worried to venture out, with telemedicine ( on the phone or on-line) we can help our sick patients.

Curbside visits are where your pet comes into the hospital while you wait inside your car. We call you with our physical examination findings and then discuss our diagnostic and treatment plan with you and arrange for payment over the phone.

Our new telemedicine service, where your pet is examined from home,  can be performed on any patient that we have seen before and has a current Doctor-Patient-Owner relationship. We can help you video conference with us using a laptop, an iPad, or any smart mobile device that you move around your pet.

Whether it’s curbside or telemedicine, tell us if you are sick or quarantined. If so,  only have a healthy person come to hospital. We still need to use the proper PPE for our team coming out to the car to give medication, to get or return the pet, and while handling the pet the in the hospital.

Please keep us safe while we help you care for your sick pets! Call us at 614-836-3222 with any questions!