This morning a beautiful grey bull dog came to Groveport Canal Animal Hospital. He was found at a construction site by a worker who was worried he would be hit by a car. This Good Samaritan caught him a brought him to us. We scanned him and found a microchip. Within 5 minutes we knew his name was Blue, he was 5 years old, he lives in Texas, and the name and phone number of his owner. A dog from Texas, found in Ohio, was reunited with his owner because of a microchip.

A microchip is a tiny grain of rice sized object that is placed under the skin right between the shoulder blades. No anesthesia is needed since it is comfortably implanted during a routine veterinary visit. The microchip scanners used to read chips provides all the energy needed to read your pet’s unique number, thereby allowing one microchip to last a life time of the pet. Please help your pet be reunited with your family. Have your pet microchipped and, just as important, register your information so your pet can go home too!