Halloween Pet Safety Tips in Groveport, OH1. Microchip your pets.
Halloween is a common time for pets to escape the home. With all the little visitors and distractions, many pets slip out and get lost. Cat and dog microchips work to help your pet find it’s way home. Other forms of identification are also helpful to return lost pets, but we love microchips because they can’t fall off and be lost.

2. Make sure your pet’s costume is comfortable and fits well.
We have had patients actually need surgery after chewing up and swallowing parts of their costume or being injured when left unsupervised with an ill-fitting outfit.
Cat at our animal hospital for Halloween pet safety tips

3. Keep Halloween candy away from pets.

There are many ingredients in candy that can be harmful – and even deadly – to pets. Well known ingredients include chocolate and macadamia nuts. Less well known ingredients such as raisins and xylitol (an artificial sweetener found in gum, candy, and baked goods) can be fatal even in very small amounts.

4. Place Halloween decorations out of your pet’s reach.
This is especially true for lit candles and jack-o-lanterns which can be a fire or burn hazard to curious critters.

5. Even pets feel “stranger-danger”.
Nervous pets that are wary of strangers and pets that have a tendency to bite should be kept in inside rooms and away from the front door.

6. During trick-or treat, the safest place for your pets is indoors.

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