Top 4 Reasons to Spay or Neuter Your Dog in Groveport, OH

Everyone who gets a puppy needs to decide whether they are going to spay or neuter their dog. Although this is a very easy decision to make for some, others may take a while weighing the pros and cons to getting their dog this operation.

Studies have suggested that in some cases spaying or neutering your dog can decrease their risk of developing certain types of cancer. In addition, it has also been shown that spaying or neutering your dog can greatly reduce some problem behaviors such as excessive marking and aggression problems.

In this article we will be explaining the top four reasons why you should get your dog neutered or spayed in Groveport, OH. We will also be giving you some helpful advice when it comes to making the decision and how to go about getting your dog this procedure in the safest way possible. Let’s get right into it!

dog neuter in groveport, oh

1. Prevent Your Dog from Having Unplanned Puppies

Honestly, it is a real hassle if your dog has an unplanned litter of puppies. Not only is it expensive to properly care for a mother dog and her puppies, but it is also time consuming. This is especially true when you consider the task of properly socializing those young puppies and finding them good forever homes. As a result, it is always a good idea to get your dog neutered or spayed if you do not plan on breeding intentionally.

If you are considering breeding your dog then you should always do so responsibly. Your dog should be health tested and officially registered with an organization such as the OFA. It also helps to know the lines where your dog come from. This ensures that the puppies that you would like to produce are healthy, free from genetic conditions, and have good temperaments.

2. Dog Neutering is More Cost Effective in The Long Run

Getting your dog neutered or spayed is more cost effective in the long run than letting them breed by accident. Usually getting your dog neutered or spayed is a onetime cost. This is much cheaper than the cost that it will take to properly care for a mother dog and her puppies. An emergency C-section could be a possibility for the mother. Not only do you have the cost of veterinarian visits to consider, but you will also need to get those puppies multiple vaccinations and deworming medications. This is standard procedure when it comes to providing proper care for young puppies in the United States.

In addition, there has been evidence that many dog breeds can benefit from getting spayed or neutered at the recommended age because it decreases their chances of getting certain types of cancer. As a result, getting your dog neutered or spayed when they are young could end up saving you a lot of money in vet bills later in their lives. Not to mention, getting your dog neutered or spayed is likely to make them healthier and increase their life longevity as well. In addition to this, female dogs are less likely to get infections in their uterus when they are spayed as well.

3. Can Reduce Your Dog’s Chances for Developing Certain Types of Cancer

In addition to all the other benefits of getting your dog neutered or spayed, getting your dog this procedure can reduce their chances of developing certain cancers significantly. In males getting them neutered decreases their chances of developing testicular cancer. Meanwhile, getting female dogs spayed reduces their chances of getting uterine, cervical, ovarian, and breast cancers. It also reduces the chances of uterine infections in female dogs which are life threatening and require emergency surgery. This means that many dogs will live a healthier and longer life once they are spayed or neutered.

4. Can Help Reduce Problem Behaviors

Many behavioral problems can be resolved because of spaying or neutering dogs.

Benefits for Female Dogs

In females getting them spayed will reduce their tendency to try and escape and roam to look for intact males to mate with. In addition, it will also reduce the frequency of their marking behavior. Unspayed female dogs often frequently mark their property with their urine, and this may extend to the inside of their homes as well. In addition, female dogs are less likely to experience behavioral problems when they are in heat because of their rise in hormones as well.

Benefits for Male Dogs

In male dogs their frequency to roam while looking for intact female dogs to mate with decreases significantly once they are neutered. Their tendency to mark is also reduced once they are neutered. Like females, in-tact males will often mark around their property to communicate to other dogs in their area. This is because they no longer have the need to engage in mating behaviors after they have been neutered. In addition to this, male dogs tend to experience a decrease in aggressive and territorial behaviors after they have been neutered as well. This is because neutered dogs have much less testosterone going through their bodies than in-tact male dogs do.

Talk with Your Vet About Spaying or Neutering Your Dog in Groveport, OH

Even though the consensus in most situations is that you should get your dog neutered or spayed, you should still always consult with your veterinarian before getting your dog this procedure. This is because sometimes there are breed specific health considerations when it comes to when you should spay or neuter your dog. As a result, you should always consult with a trusted veterinarian and listen to their suggestions before getting your dog spayed or neutered.

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