Why It’s Worth Having Your Dog Groomed Professionally in Groveport, OH

Many dog owners like to groom their dogs, and that’s understandable, but depending on the type of dog you have, and your lifestyle, it might be best to consider having your dog groomed in Groveport, OH professionally. For example, if you have a long-haired dog such as an Afghan Hound, or a breed with a thick coat such as a Golden Retriever, or a Husky, you may find that bathing, brushing, and grooming your dog may be a bit more than you bargained for. Some dogs won’t tolerate brushing, bath, or having their ears cleaned, but groomers are trained to do these things, and having your dog professionally groomed can take a lot of the stress out of the whole process. There are reasons to think about having your dog professionally groomed, and you just might discover that it will save you both time and energy. Below are listed several reasons why it’s worth having your dog professionally groomed.

Dog Groomers Do The Dirty Work

Shampooing a muddy dog, expressing anal glands, cleaning out dirty ears, and removing ticks and fleas are less than pleasant tasks, and if you take your dog to a groomer, you won’t have to personally have to deal with these issues. A professional dog groomer is trained and knows how to take care of the “yucky” tasks of grooming safely and professionally.

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Dog Groomers Have The Proper Equipment

Professional dog groomers have all the right tools, ranging from different types of dog clippers to a variety of brushes for different types of hair coats, to various dog shampoos that can help with skin allergies and various hair conditions. They also have adjustable grooming tables, nail trimmers, blow dryers, and various accessories to ensure that you are a satisfied client. Grooming facilities also have the space and facilities for grooming any size dog, from the smallest to giant breeds, and provide suitable bathtubs and kennel areas. In addition to having the necessary tools and facilities, many groomers also know how to groom show dogs, which requires particular knowledge of show cuts and attention to detail.

Dog Groomers Will Save You Time

It takes time to wash a dog, trim, dry, and comb out the hair coat. Groomers do this for a living. And can work around your schedule to get your dog in for a wash and a professional styling, all you need to do is drop off your fur baby and pick her up when she’s ready. Many grooming facilities have comfortable kennels for your dog to stay in until you can pick up later. If there is no grooming facility near you, do some online research, and see if a mobile groomer can come to your home.

Dog Groomers Give Professional Haircuts

Each dog breed is unique, and different types of fur coats are suited to certain styles of cuts. For example, a dog groomer will give a Standard Poodle a different cut than a Bichon Frise. A dog grooming service will guarantee that your dog gets the appropriate cut and style.

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Dog Groomers Know How to Handle Dogs

Dogs that are older, or dogs that are anxious or aggressive can be a challenge to groom yourself, however, dog groomers are trained to handle any type of pet personality. If you think that your dog may need sedation before going to the groomer, consult your veterinarian, he/she may be able to prescribe some anti-anxiety medication which you can give before your appointment. Groomers are also trained to be patient and to handle your pet in the most gentle and considerate manner possible. They know how to deal with dogs that might be fearful of unfamiliar surroundings, barking, and the sound of electric trimmers. Also, if you have back pain or arthritis, you can be assured that professional grooming will prevent you from having to do any excessive lifting of your dog, especially if your dog is a large or giant breed.

Dog Groomers Can Detect Health Issues

When bathing or grooming your dog, groomers may also notice things like lumps, bumps, fleas, ticks, or other issues that may not be obvious to you. Grooming sessions often are more than a bath and a haircut, groomers know your pet, and can detect certain health problems. As they bathe, brush and handle your dog, they can look for skin lesions, lumps, rashes, gum discoloration, parasites, ear mites, and health issues that will allow you to get medical help for your pet before things get worse.

The Dog Grooming Process

When your dog is groomed, he/she is typically brushed, bathed and dried, and trimmed or clipped. Before bathing, mats and tangles are brushed out, and during the bath, ears are cleaned, and anal glands may be expressed. After a bath and shampoo, the groomer will allow your dog’s hair to dry, then trim, clip, and shaved as requested. If you have specific instructions as to your preferences, be sure to communicate these to your groomer. Dog groomers will also trim the hair over the eyes if needed, around the face, the ears, and even the bottoms of the feet. Your dog’s nails will also be cut, and groomers will even brush your dog’s teeth if requested.

How Often Your Dog Needs To Be Groomed

This depends on the breed, the hair length, and the type of hair coat your dog has. For some long-haired breeds or show dogs, grooming can be done as often as once a month. If you have a new dog or a young puppy, it’s recommended that he/she get used to regular brushings and nail trims as soon as possible. This is known as “desensitization,” and can make grooming sessions in the future less stressful for your dog in the future.

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