How is Today Both a Bad and a Good Day in Veterinary Medicine?

Today is a bad day because we have a beloved pet with cancer staying at the hospital who up until today had been doing well. His person is overseas traveling for work and before she left we had discussed what we would do if his happiness changed. Everyone, the health care team and the pet owner, is focused on quality not quantity of life. If we can make him feel good with palliative care we are going to try. This morning he stopped eating and interacting. We decided to try some additional medication to make him feel better.  This time however our efforts failed and the pet owner has made the difficult decision to let him go. Regular hours ended long ago but our care continues. Individually my co-workers, who had been worried and chatting about him all day, send text offering to stop what they are doing to come in and give support. Sheryl held him in her loving arms as I administered the euthanasia solution. Today we cried as I fulfilled a solemn oath to end suffering and today my coworkers showed me their best. For that, today is a good day in veterinary medicine.