How Can I tell if My Cat is Sick?

Cats show signs of illness subtly. Not until they are very sick can most pet owners tell their cat is unwell. This is why it is important to understand the subtle signs of illness and why your cat’s annual /biannual examination is so critical.

Change in Appearance:  Cat’s that are feeling unwell often have decreased grooming.  An unthrifty or scruffy hair coat is an important subtle sigh of illness.

Change in Activity: Both decreased and increased activity is an important sign if illness in cats.

Decreased or Increased Water Consumption: Most sick cats often have decreased water consumption. There are some diseases such as kidney disease or diabetes that cause increased water intake.

Hiding or Less Interactive

Decreased or Increased Appetite: Most sick cats show decreased food consumption when sick. Diseases such as an overactive thyroid or diabetes can cause increased appetitie.

Change in Urination or Defecation

Something Seems Wrong: Trust your instincts. If you notice anything that seems off, you are likely correct. Contact your veterinarian.

Stress and illness in cats has been closely linked. One of the most important ways to prevent illness is to enrich your cat’s environment. Read about simple ways to keep your cat’s indoor environment fun and enriched.