Super Bowl parties can be tons of fun for us human sports fanatics, but for our furry companions, all the noise and commotion can be a little overwhelming and scary! It can also mean some not so healthy treats for your four-footed friend.

Here are a few tips that can make the day comfortable and more enjoyable for your pet(s):

“Bench” furry friends-consider isolating your pet(s) in a room or “safe zone” of your house. Mark the area with signs so that wandering guests don’t accidentally open the door and let pets out. (Don’t forget to check on them periodically to make sure they are doing well and to let them know you are still close by. Give them pet safe treats to reward quiet, calm behavior.)
If you can’t safely isolate your pet, consider boarding your pet or asking a family member or friend (that the pet is comfortable with) to watch them at their house
If your pets are allowed to “play the field” and mingle, don’t allow your guests to give them food treats.

Be aware that alcohol, chocolate, grapes, raisins, and some types of nuts are among the foods that can be toxic to pets, and many human treats will make pets sick if they eat too much.

Fins and Feathers
If you have non-furry pets in your household, don’t forget to take steps to safeguard them as well. Depending on how rowdy your party is likely to get, it might be a good idea to tape the tops of any fish tanks closed. Keep birds from accidentally flying the coop by wiring cage doors shut.

Keep Pets on “The Home Team”
Constantly opening and closing doors to admit guests is a risk. A stressed pet could easily bolt through an open door. Make doubly sure your pet is wearing his or her collar and all applicable forms of ID during your Super Bowl party. Making sure your pet is microchipped is a great way to help ensure they find their way home if they do escape-tags and collars can fall off!