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We had to say goodbye to our beautiful boxer boy after 10 years and the staff was so compassionate and wonderful... I'm so glad we were guided and reassured of our heartbreaking decision... Thank you all so much ♥

April Deible September 21, 2015

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Always take great care of T McGee. Thanks to Dr. Amy, Lynn, Cheryl :-), and all the staff!

Greg Keller September 21, 2015

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We have been cat people for a long time, and have never experienced the level of care and compassion we receive at the Groveport-Canal Animal Hospital. We love Dr. Amy and Dr. Shapiro and the entire staff. When we lost our beloved Tigger after more than 17 years, they were so kind and compassionate with us and took extra care with him to make sure he knew he was loved by all. We have since rescued two outside cats, Frisker and Lucy, and the doctors and staff have been wonderful with their care, including dental work and hernia surgery, and even extra care with Frisker, the most loving cat in the world, who turned up FIV positive. They are always there when he gets the sniffles and go out of their way to work him in. And to think I was driving a long way from home to receive what I thought was the best vet care, and then discovered this hospital within 2 miles of my home. We are so happy with them!!!

Sandra Williams September 19, 2015

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Great doctors, great staff, wonderful and compassionate people. Thanks!

Amy Stephens York September 21, 2015

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Congratulations on celebrating 25 years. I know why you are so successful. Excellent business practice, excellent care, excellent clients. You practice what you preach and treat each pet as if they were a member of your family. I love your caring staff and how they continually go the extra mile for everyone. Thanks so much for being a valued, honored business in the Groveport area. Your commitment is invaluable. Congratulations again, and please keep up the good work.

Marcia Shapiro September 21, 2015

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Best veterinary office ever! Very informed and supportive with both of our aging terriers, even the difficult Scottie. These ladies know what they're doing

Melissa McCall September 21, 2015

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We have been cat people for a long time and used to travel long distances to what we thought was the best vet hospital. Then we found Groveport Canal Animal Hospital within 2 miles of our house, and are thrilled to find out that all along, the best care was close to home! We love Dr Amy, Dr. Shapiro, and the entire staff! A few months ago, we lost our beloved Tigger, whom we had loved for over 17 years. They were so caring and compassionate with us, and they made sure he knew he was loved dearly by all. They made an unbearable situation easier for all of us. We now have rescued Frisker and Lucy, and the entire staff has been so supportive. Lucy required dental work and hernia surgery, and Frisker tested positive for FIV. They lovingly helped us understand that condition and how to care for him, and they seem to work him in even if he only has the sniffles. He is doing so well under their care, we plan to have that loving kitty for years and years! They lovingly help us care for our pets, and we appreciate them so much. Wish we had found them years ago!

Sandra Henson Williams September 21, 2015

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After moving about 45 minutes away from my last vet, I decided it time to find one a little closer to home. Luckily, this one is literally right down the street. I walk here with my dogs.

And I cannot speak highly enough of this place. Everyone here is so sweet and I can see and feel that they genuinely care about my fur-babies. All my dogs go trotting in through the front door, tails wagging, whereas at other vets they have to be pushed in. They know they get treats in there haha 🙂 They are not the cheapest vet I have ever been to, but I am willing to pay a little more for quality care and wonderful service. I highly recommend this place.

Shannon Hines September 19, 2015

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Thanks for always taking great care of Pete and Copper. They always really enjoy their visits to you, especially the peanut butter! By the way, Pete is already feeling better! Thank you!

Cathy Miller September 21, 2015

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Thanks for taking such good care of Charlie. Dr. Amy took the time to explain the importance of the Lyme disease vaccination and Sheryl is always a happy, positive, fun person to see. Love coming here!

Lovette Conkel Aquino September 21, 2015

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The staff is amazing! I only trust my babies to the wonderful staff at Groveport- Canal Animal Hospital! I fully trust them with my two dogs, who are part of our family.

Elizabeth Whitten September 21, 2015

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I have been taking my cat, Bellatrix, to Groveport Animal Hospital since she was a kitten. They always want what is best for my cat, and are committed to providing great service. Everyone on staff, from the vets to the technicians, are kind and caring people.

Bellatrix was declawed and spayed by Dr. Shapiro. Both operations went extremely smooth, Dr. Shapiro was giving constant updates and it felt great to know my cat was in such good hands. This past summer, Bellatrix was having issues with her bladder. Groveport was able to fit me in immediately. Dr. Amy was very helpful explaining to me what was wrong and what my best options were for my pet. Dr. Amy even called me two days later, just to check up on how Bellatrix was doing!

This is a great animal hospital! The facility is always clean, and has a very pet friendly atmosphere. All of the employees are so attentive and considerate. I can't say enough wonderful things about this place!

Caitlin Gibbons September 21, 2015

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They are wonderful. I fostered a Mother cat who ended up on my door step.
She had 7 beautiful babies. They checked them all out before going to their
New Forever homes. All healthy. And they are also trying to find a New Forever Home for Mama Cat. She has tested Negative to Feline Leukemia. Mama is a very Loving Little Mother. She took care of all the babies so wonderfully. But Now the Kittens are gone and she needs that FOREVER HOME too. Please contact the Hospital if you would like to meet her or even have a New Loving Cat. I sent them pictures of her.. They are Amazing at the Groveport Canal Animal Hospital.. I would like to give them 10 Stars but 5 is the highest you can go. Thanks for everything....

Joan Domoslawski September 21, 2015

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Thank you to the staff at groveport for taking such good care of Lucy while she was boarded with you guys!

Amanda Ortiz September 21, 2015

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I recently brought my sweet boy Rocky in for a visit. Unfortunately, he was too far gone and I had to have him put down. But Dr. Amy and Lynn took extra special care of us and even though I lost Rock, their kindness and compassion surely did my heart good.

Dave Coey September 21, 2015

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I Love the Groveport Canal Animal Hospital! The staff is so friendly and helpful. I think Dr Shapiro is the best and most caring Vet I have ever used. She once came to my mother's house to pick up my dog Pete when he was sick. I was on vacation and my mom can't drive anymore. When I got home, Pete was already back at Mom's and feeling better. They treated Pete without any payment and let me pay after I returned! I love this vet. They really care and showed it when I was in need! Thank You!!!

Cathy Miller September 19, 2015

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Groveport-Canal Animal Hospital has been so great that I have continued to have them as my primary veterinarians even though I have moved away twice, first to Oxford, Ohio and now to Chicago, Illinois. (I have secondary vets close to where I live for emergencies and then take my dogs to them while visiting family for check-ups, vaccinations, etc.). The entire staff is caring, friendly, and knowledgable and I have always felt they want what is best for my pets.

Dr. Shaprio and Dr. Amy have treated two of my dogs - Maggie, my beagle, and Josie, my golden retriever. Dr. Shapiro and Dr. Amy have always spent a great deal of time with us during our appointments. They take their time to fully examine and treat my pets and then answer all of my questions (and I usually have quite a few!). They also have been great about working with me during my time in graduate school, when I was on a limited budget. They have always provided me with a range of options, and when the first option is unaffordable for me, they have come up with alternatives so I can still give my pets the best care possible.

They are also very thorough - even though Maggie's chart is thicker than a bestselling novel at this point, they take detailed notes and are constantly referring back to previous visits (sometimes even years ago) to assess how Maggie's health is changing as she ages. This has allowed us to diagnose, monitor, and treat issues like hypothyroidism and ensure lypomas are benign and non-threatening. I adopted Maggie at the age of 9 - at the time, she was very overweight, could barely walk, and in a lot of pain due to arthritis. Thanks to the amazing care of the Groveport-Canal Animal Hospital, she is now 14 years old and continues to be in better health than when I adopted her! Maggie and Josie have also had three separate successful surgeries at Groveport-Canal Animal Hospital. Even though I was always very anxious during surgeries, they checked in frequently and told me I could call them as often as I wanted. The surgeries went great and my dogs always healed quickly due to their great aftercare.

Dr. Shapiro and Dr. Amy also took great care of Josie, who sadly passed away this past summer. Josie developed hemangiosarcoma, a very aggressive cancer, at the age of 11. I was out of town when it was diagnosed but contacted Dr. Shapiro for advice. Dr. Shapiro took the time to talk to me on the phone for quite some time about Josie's condition, her prognosis, and the best course of action. She also followed up with me about a week later. About a month later, Dr. Amy helped me make the very difficult decision to put Josie to sleep. She was very caring, and really helped me arrive at the decision on my own after answering a lot of my questions and giving her honest opinion about what was best for Josie. After my family and I said our goodbyes, we took Josie in. They scheduled us at the end of the day so we did not have to see any one else - it was just my family and the staff. They gave us as much time as we needed. Dr. Shapiro and the vet techs were very gentle and caring throughout the experience. Afterward, they took locks of Josie's hair and made paw prints for us, to help us remember her, which I continue to cherish. I honestly could not have asked for a better experience during this extremely difficult time.

I will continue to use Groveport-Canal Animal Hospital as my primary veterinarians as long as I can. I highly recommend them!

Hailee Gibbons September 21, 2015

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We have found the most experienced and caring vets, Dr. Rona and Dr. Amy, and their staff is awesome too.

Jean Walker September 21, 2015

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Thank you so much for the great care you give to our Anna!

Debra Kaminski September 21, 2015